Chairmain's Letter

2015 was a pivotal year for our communities and the Amarillo Area Foundation.In the face of political turmoil and world events, we remained focused on challenges close to home.The Amarillo Area Foundation became even more dedicated to its mission with an added emphasis:“Do all you can to meet charitable needs throughout the 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle.”

Our communities desire to enhance and improve opportunities for our youth, our neighborhoods, our schools, the elderly, and families in general. We strive to improve the quality of life for all Texas Panhandle residents, while pursuing collaborative efforts for maximum impact, with special thanks to Baptist Community Services, Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch, and the Mary E. Bivins Foundation, just to name a few.

We were honored in 2015 to participate in the Foundation’s largest annual distribution in over two decades.The Amarillo Area Foundation and The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation invested over $15.3 million in Texas Panhandle communities.We strengthened the health of our entire region through grants and programs addressing healthcare, education, social services, and sustainability needs.

Of particular note, we truly appreciate the Harrington Regional Medical Center (“HRMC”) for a signature event last year. As many recall, back in 1960 the Amarillo Area Foundation was granted 300 acres of land west and southwest of the Veterans Administration Hospital to develop a first class medical center, which began taking shape in 1965.  This major undertaking resulted in the subsequent formation of HRMC, devoted solely to this endeavor.

Fast forward to 2015, the Foundation was honored to again join forces with HRMC as it joined the Foundation as a supporting organization, pooling its resources and creating a new volunteer board  responsible for developing and managing programs withinthe medical center.Residents from all over the Panhandle and adjoining states continue to take advantage of top-notch medical care at the Harrington Regional Medical Center, and we are proud of this reunion.

Thank you founders, donors, volunteers and grantees for “doing all you can” to support our 2015 mission.We are forever grateful for your investment in the past, present, and future of our Panhandle communities.

Katharyn Wiegand

Cliff Bickerstaff
2015 Chairman of the Board

Chairmain's Letter

By any objective measure, 2015 was a record year for the Amarillo Area Foundation. The Foundation reached new heights in both contributions and distributions. Amongst these accomplishments, the high point for the year was the receipt of assets from Harrington Regional Medical Campus. We formed a new entity with the medical campus assets that functions as a supporting organization for our Foundation and more effectively serves the healthcare needs of our Panhandle residents.

As the Foundation looks forward to 2016, we do so with the healthcare needs of our residents at the top of our list of priorities. Not only must we utilize Medical Center resources to improve patient experiences and options, but we must also remain constantly focused on promoting healthy communities.

With this awareness comes an analysis of what it really means to promote "healthy communities." First, healthy communities are comprised of healthy individuals. To that end, promoting individual health and providing access to affordable, quality healthcare for all residents is of vital importance to regional communities.

Healthy communities are also comprised of healthy places. So, we must help communities develop a supportive infrastructure of public, private, and nonprofit entities to support individuals and allow them to maximize their potential.

Lastly, healthy communities also possess organizations who proactively implement innovative ideas. In 2016 and beyond we are focused on aiding healthy communities and their organizations by providing them with platforms to discuss what their communities need to thrive. We are identifying those ideas and organizations with the greatest promise to positively impact Texas Panhandle residents - leaving the health of Panhandle communities up to their residents, while also providing support and serving as a sounding board when appropriate.

As we reflect on 2015, we certainly acknowledge that it represents a high point in the Foundation's history. We constantly strive to have the greatest impact with our donors' assets and to create the most positive change for Panhandle residents. We look forward to building on the great momentum we received in 2015 and promoting healthy communities for many years to come.

Katharyn Wiegand

Clay Stribling
Amarillo Area Foundation President & CEO

The Amarillo Area Foundation family is made up of tremendous leaders who offer their time and talent to help the Foundation fulfill its mission. They are our board members, volunteers, committee members and staff, each bringing their own expertise to make the Texas Panhandle a better place.

2015 AAF Executive Committee and Board Members
Cliff Bickerstaff Chairman of the Board
Julie Mitchell Immediate Past Chair
Puff Niegos First Vice Chair
Jason Herrick Second Vice Chair
Roy Bara Treasurer
Jackie Pearson Secretary
Jeri Bezner Member at large
Paul Clark Member at large
Steve Hoard Member at large
Linda Rasor Member at large
Clay Stribling President and CEO
Stephania Jones Assistant Secretary
Amarillo Area Foundation Board of Directors
Vanessa Buzzard  
Terry Caviness  
Kathy Cornett  
LeRayne Donelson  
Lori Henke  
Ken Kelley  
Paul Matney  
Sharon Miner  
Dyke Rogers  
Rod Schroder  
Eddie Scott  
Nancy Seliger  
Caroline Smith  
Roy Urrutia  
Suzanne Willis  
Amarillo Area Foundation and Harrington Foundation Staff
Clay Stribling President & CEO
Stevie Jones Vice President of Financial and Resource Management
Charlotte Rhodes Vice President of Resource Development and Sustainability
Katharyn Wiegand Vice President of Community Investment
Suzanne Brantley Administrative Services Manager
Marilyn Alexander Administrative Services Assistant
Roxann Ball NSC Program Officer
Connie Bradford  ACE Program Director
Stephanie Cantu Administrative Services Assistant
Broc Carter No Limits No Excuses Program Officer
Karen Delashaw Donor Services Data Coordinator
Cynthia Estrada ACE College Liason
Kathie Grant Grants Administrator
David Hurtt Director of Accounting
Kasey Long Director of Development
Janet Luman  Office Coordinator
Suzy Murray Staff Accountant
Karen Phillips Donor Services Administrative Coordinator
Olivia Trabysh Special Projects Coordinator
Jessica Tudyk Grants Manager
Shree Veeramachaneni Prosperity Program Officer

The Don and Sybil Harrington became a supporting organization of the Amarillo Area Foundation in January of 1988. This supporting organization status has enabled The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation to benefit from the Amarillo Area Foundation’s professional staff, administrative services and favorable tax status as a community foundation. Meanwhile, The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation has its own grantmaking authority and Board of Directors.


The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation Board of Directors
Clay Stribling President & CEO
Julie Mitchell Chair
Dyke Rogers Vice Chair
Puff Niegos Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Bivins  
Vanessa Buzzard  
Wales Madden, Jr.  
Richard Ware, II