The Amarillo Area Foundation has been improving quality of life for the residents of the 26 counties in the Texas Panhandle since its inception 60 years ago.  In feeding the hungry, healing the sick, educating young people, enriching cultural heritage, and advancing economic development, the Foundation is making a positive impact for our communities. 

The success of Amarillo Area Foundation is you, our donors, making contributions for the betterment of your neighbors.  You assisted in completing a five year, $5 million expansion to the ACE Scholarship Program at the same time Tascosa High School was graduating its first class of ACE qualified students.  Five rural communities raised more than $600,000 for projects in their counties.  Two corporations in the Panhandle established funds, including one for scholarships.  Two new agency funds were begun, one for the benefit of the elderly and the other to help support a rural hospital.  Because of the confidence exemplified by donors in Amarillo Area Foundation’s ability to make a difference, Bus and Fredda Dugger gifted their $1 million estate to the Foundation to give students in the Texas Panhandle the opportunity for a postsecondary education for years to come.  It is your faithful giving that made it possible for Amarillo Area Foundation to distribute $9,259,936.00 in 2016. 

We who serve thank you who lead.  Your leadership in giving makes you a valued partner as we look to the next 60 years of improving quality of life for Texas Panhandle residents.

Trent Hill

Trent Hill, Ph.D.
Vice President of Development

Donor Highlight

Dorothy & Don Patterson

Through their 23-year membership with the Amarillo Area Foundation, Dorothy and Don Patterson have steadfastly expressed their devotion to the people and causes of the Texas Panhandle. Additionally, they have each served on boards in the fields of social services, education, healthcare, the arts, and historical preservation. The Pattersons’ commitment to community service was inspired by the philanthropy of Don and Sybil Harrington and by their dedication to improving quality of life in the Texas Panhandle through the establishment of The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation, a supporting organization of the Amarillo Area Foundation. Don Patterson served on the Amarillo Area Foundation Board for nine years in the 1970s and ‘80s, followed by serving as The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation Chair. Dorothy has served since 1984 on the Harrington House Foundation Board, a supporting organization of the Amarillo Area Foundation. The Pattersons continue their support and membership in the Amarillo Area Foundation and encourage others to become members as well.

2016 Donors
Exemplary Donors
City of Borger Estate of C.C. Dugger
$500,000 and Above
Ware Foundation  
$200,000 and Above
Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC King's Manor Methodist Retirement System, Inc.
$150,000 and Above
Happy State Bank Pattern Panhandle Wind LLC
$100,000 and Above

Harrington Regional Medical Campus 

Pattern Panhandle Wind 2 LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Kirkland Mr. Duncan Rhodes
$50,000 and Above
Judge Don Allred Nona Payne Charitable Trust
David D. and Nona S. Payne Foundation, Inc. Pathways Ranger Academic Enrichment Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Hatton Texas Beef Feedyard
Mr. John Mozola Mr. and Mrs. Stuart West
$25,000 and Above
Mr. W. P. (Paul) Buckthal Mr. and Mrs. Dean Morrison
Caviness Beef Packers Mr. and Mrs. Jay O'Brien
Mr. Paul A. Clark Palo Duro Feedyard
Dale and Joan Coleman Charitable Trust Steed Charity, Limited
Mrs. Mary Kay Dammier Swisher Memorial Hospital Foundation
EDF Renewable Development, Inc. Toot'n Totum Food Stores
Mr. Joseph W. Foran Mr. and Mrs. David Weir
Hope & Healing Place  
$20,000 and Above
Mr. and Mrs. Erich Drochner Panhandle Workforce Solutions
$15,000 and Above
Amarillo National Bank Dr. and Mrs. Jack D. Waller
Dr. Kent Roberts and Ilene Roberts Balliett Foundation Ms. Melinda White
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Raffkind  
$10,000 and Above
Benny Darnell Estate Josephine Anderson Charitable Trust
Binford Ranch Kimble Foundation Trust
Blake Durham Scholarship Fund Kiwanis Club of Vega
Ms. Johanne Blodgett Mr. and Mrs. Walt Knorpp
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Brown North Plains Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Butch Collard Pantera Energy
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Collard Ms. Cornelia Ritchie
Mr. Randy Darnell Mr. and Mrs. Sanford K. Skelton
Ms. Carol Engler Stratford ISD Education Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. John Howard  
$5,000 and Above
Mr. and Mrs. Salem Abraham Mr. Randy Ingram
Atmos Energy Corporation Mr. V. J. Jordan Jr.
Bonnie K Nutting Charitable Trust Junior League of Amarillo
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Brosier Mr. Wales H. Madden Jr.
Bruckner Family Foundation Maynard Foundation
Chartwell's Food Service Palo Duro Restoration Foundation
Daniel Bradley Irrevocable Trust 2010 Peoples Bank
Faith City Inc. Mrs. Lea Ann Schrader
FirstBank Southwest The Waite & Genevieve Phillips Foundation
High Plains Christian Ministries Foundation Ware Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dyron Howell  
$2,500 and Above
Mrs. Joyce Attebury Mr. Robby Kirkland
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Baca Knights Of Columbus / Nazareth
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Bezner Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Oeschger
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Bezner Panhandle Restaurant Association
Mr. Cliff Bickerstaff Mr. and Mrs. Glen Parkey
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Birdsong Paul F. and Virginia J. Engler Foundation
City of Clarendon Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pearson
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cone M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Rahll
Crisell & Dovie Hill Kemp Education Trust Mr. Stanley Schaeffer
Farm Supply & Service Mr. and Mrs. Joe Street
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Gerald Mr. and Mrs. Clay Stribling
Ms. Jinnie Hall Xcel Energy
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Hodge Yellow Rose Inn
Intersection Sales & Service  
$1,000 and Above
Dr. and Mrs. Malouf Abraham Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Wales Madden III
Mr. Larry Adams Mr. and Mrs. Reg C. Martin
Another Chance House Mr. Armando Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. W.A. (Billy) Attebury Mr. Bob Marx
Mr. Jonathan Bailey Ms. La Rita Mason
Dr. Teresa Baker and Mr. T. J. Head Mrs. Barbara Miner
Bank of America - Matching Gift Program Mr. and Mrs. Greg Mitchell
Baptist Community Services Dr. and Mrs. Shane Moore
Mrs. Mary Bearden Mullin Hoard & Brown, LLP
Dr. Bonna Benjamin National Association Of Letter Carriers Branch 1037
Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Berg Naz Stop
Mr. and Mrs. Jody Bezner Mr. and Mrs. Dan Neelley
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Birdsong Mrs. Judy Nelson
Mr. William Bischoff Mr. John Nooncaster
Mr. Don Bowers North Gin
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Boyd North Plains Insurance Agency, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Brian Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Bryson Oeschger
Ms. Linda J. Brian Ms. Kristin Oeschger
Dr. John Bridwell Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Brillhart Ms. Anne Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brister State Representative Four Price IV
Britt Land & Cattle Company, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James Pugh
Mr. Ralph Brockman Mr. Eliot Raffkind
Mrs. Peggy Bruckner Raffkind's
Mr. and Mrs. Tad Bush Mr. and Mrs. George Rasor
Mr. Tommy Cartrite Republic National Distributing Company LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Caviness Mrs. Phoebe Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Caviness Mr. and Mrs. Tony Rhodes
Channel Seed Mr. and Mrs. Tom Riney
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Chesnut Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Rittenberry
The Clarendon Enterprise Mr. and Mrs. Blaine D. Roberts
Ms. Marilyn Cline Mr. and Mrs. Steve Rogers
CRL Pump & Supply Sandal Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Crump Mr. and Mrs. William Sansing, Jr.
Mr. Nick Crutcher Mr. and Mrs. Billy R. Scivally
Mr. Eric Cudd Mr. and Mrs. Eddie R. Scott, Jr.
Mr. Mike Cudd Mr. and Mrs. Jack M. Shelton III
Mrs. Cindy Cunningham Ms. Verna Lee Shirley
Deeds Construction Mr. and Mrs. John Skaggs
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Dodson Ms. Diane Skelton
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Durham Dr. and Mrs. Cliff Skiles
Ed and Ann Flood Oklahoma Trust Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Smith
Education Credit Union St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
Mr. and Mrs. Smith Ellis St. Mary's Catholic Cathedral
Ms. Lilia B. Escajeda St. Stephen United Methodist Church
Mr. Jacob P. Fangman Street Properties
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Farris Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Symons
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Farris Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Tebeest
FirstBank Southwest of Amarillo Mr. and Mrs. Robert Thorpe
FMC Technologies Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Tregellas
Frontier Fuel Company Trend Family Investments LLC
Dr. Nona Fulton Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Trotter
Future Of Nazareth Dr. and Dr. Richard Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gilmour Tulia United Community Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Graham Underwood Law Firm, P.C.
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Milton United Supermarkets
H Fund United Way of Amarillo and Canyon
Drs. Rolf and Pia Habersang Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Urban
Mrs. Callie Hamner Mr. Pete Vera
Ms. Ray Jean Hankey Mr. and Mrs. John W. Walker Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harris Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ware II
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Hawkins Mrs. Sandy Waterfield
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Ron Weishaar
Mrs. Laurie Higgins-Kerley Dr. and Mrs. Walter Wendler
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Hoard West Texas A&M University Development Department
Hoelting Supply Mr. and Mrs. Randy Whitlow
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wiegand
Interstate Bank Wilbur-Ellis Company
Mr. and Mrs. Billy F. Jones Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Wilkinson
Mr. Michael Kaul Dr. Barbara Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Kelley Mr. and Mrs. Perry Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. King Mr. and Ms. Jeff Williams
Knights of Columbus #4621 Mr. and Mrs. Barry Willis
Mr. and Mrs. John Kritser Ms. Ashley Willson
Mr. J. B. Lane Mr. and Mrs. John Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Levandowski Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Lindergren