Fund Distributions



Amarillo Area Foundation grantmaking funds are unrestricted funds established by individual donors through contributions or requests. The Amarillo Area Foundation’s Board of Directors has discretion to use these gifts as they deem appropriate, often for competitive discretionary grantmaking.

$717, 933 in distributions from 11 funds in 2015


The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation grantmaking funds are unrestricted funds bequested by Mr. and Mrs. Harrington. The Harrington Foundation’s Board of Directors has discretion to use these gifts as they deem appropriate, often for competitive discretionary grantmaking.

$4,902,820 in distributions in 2015


Established in 1994 to increase high school retention, the ACE funds pays for dual credit courses, books, fees, and tuition for students attending Amarillo College or West Texas A&M University. To receive ACE funding ACE students must maintain a 95% rate of attendance, 85 GPA, obey all campus rules, have attended Caprock, Palo Duro, or Tascosa High School, and applied for federal financial aid.

$764,116 in distributions in 2015


Agency funds are established by nonprofit organizations. If established as an “endowed” agency fund, which is typically the case, the corpus is preserved by reinvesting quarterly earnings, or the agency may use the earnings based on the Foundation spending policy by taking quarterly or annual distributions. Agency funds that are not endowed allow use of the fund principal in addition to income. The decision to reinvest or use quarterly earnings is established by the agency when the fund is created.

$459, 768 in distributions from 20 funds in 2015


To celebrate the Amarillo Area Foundation’s 50 years of service in 2007, area communities were invited to establish funds at the Foundation. The Don and Sybil Harrington Foundation offered match funds up to $50,000 in 2007 and again in 2008. By establishing these funds at the Foundation and taking advantage of the generous match, communities were able to begin building a legacy for their citizens through grantmaking and long-term growth.

$535,937 in distributions from 17 funds in 2015


Donor advised funds are established to enable individual charitable giving. Donors often treat these funds as charitable savings accounts.

$1,206,369 in distributions from 38 funds in 2015


Donor designated funds are typically established by one or more donors who request that the Foundation distribute income from the funds to a particular charity. A designated fund may be designed to underwrite a particular charitable venture or purpose.

$1,601,572 in distributions from 39 funds in 2015


Field of interest funds allow a donor or donors to request that the Foundation allocate grant dollars to certain programs or focus areas, such as education, health, youth and the environment, with the Foundation or an advisory committee determining the specific recipient.

$3,735,665 in distributions from 9 funds in 2015


Scholarship funds are typically endowed funds wherein investment income is used to fund scholarship awards. The application, selection and award process is managed by the Foundation’s staff and a seven member volunteer Scholarship Selection Committee, with the exception of a small number of scholarship awards selected by outside review communities.

$348,281 in distributions from 82 funds in 2015

2015 Agency Fund Distributions
Canadian Area Fdn. Endowment Edward Abraham Memorial Home
$ 24,774
Children's Learning Centers Endowment Fund
Education Foundation of C.I.S.D Endowment Fund
Fairview Cemetery Advise and Consult Fund
Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, Inc. Endowment Fund
Girl Scouts of TX OK Plains, Inc End. Fund fbo Yucca Council
Pampa Meals on Wheels Advise and Consult Fund
Perryton Satellite Center Endowment Fund
The Amarillo Opera Endowment Fund
The Armstrong County Museum, Inc. Endowment Fund
The Bridge-Children's Advocacy Center Advise & Consult Fund
The Canadian Church of Christ Intern Fund
The CASA 69th District Fund
The Clarendon College Scholarship Fund
The Collingsworth County Historical Museum Endowment Fund
The Golden Spread Senior Citizens Center, Inc. Endowment Fnd
The Moore County 4-H Endowment /Scholarship Fund
The Rector, Warden & Vestry of St. James Episcopal Church
Turn Center Agency Endowment Fund
YMCA Endowment Fund
$ 459,768
2015 Field of Interest Fund Distributions
Amarillo Annual Celebrity Roast Fund $ 67,599
Amarillo Medical Research Fund 3,628
Heal the City Free Clinic Fund 523,720
Maverick Boys & Girls Club Transition Fund 50,496
Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund 42,099
The Fritch, Texas Community Designated Fund 1,066
Women's Philanthropy Fund 43,000
WTAMU Downtown Campus Fund 3,000,000
Youth Violence Prevention Fund 4,057
  $ 3,735,665


2015 AAF Discretionary and Unrestricted Fund Distributions
B. M. and Frances Britain Fund 32,000
Faye Hinson Fund 20,000
Health Services Fund 5,000
Katherine E. Brady Fund 330,025
L. R. Hagy Fund 60,000
Layma Taylor Lister Fund 7,500
Nona S. Payne Fund 11,783
Pete and Wanda Gilvin Fund 135,500
Sybil B. Harrington Fund 74,500
The Guyon Saunders Charitable Fund 22,125
The Ronald R. Beasley Fund 19,500
  $ 717,933


2015 Donor Advised Fund Distributions
Bob and Melody Grace Charitable Fund $ 38,250
Cactus Feeders Hunger Fund 22,000
Charles and Diane Steed Advise and Consult Fund 29,500
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Hale Charitable Fund 7,000
Joann and Erich Drochner A&C Fund 9,550
Joe and Doris Brock Fund 10,000
Michael and Dalia Engler Advise and Consult Fund 61,750
Newport Fund 204,000
Paul A. Clark Family Fund 26,000
San Jacinto Lions Club of Amarillo Advise and Consult Fund 2,500
Stribling Endowment for Eveline's Sunshine Cottage 4,987
Texas Panhandle Archeological Research Fund 4,002
The Alex O'Brien Tennis Foundation Advise and Consult Fund 50,000
The Amarillo Area Foundation Staff Advise and Consult Fund 307
The Amos Family Fund 12,000
The Bill and Alice O'Brien Advise and Consult Fund 7,850
The Bob and Fay Moore Advise and Consult Fund 5,300
The Bob and Lanna Hatton Charitable Fund 3,000
The Bob and Yphon LaRoche Charitable Fund 500
The Christi and Ryan Rush Fund 33,018
The Daniel and Myrna Raffkind Advise and Consult Fund 13,750
The Gibson Family Fund 7,500
The Gilliland Family Fund 98,000
The High Plains Coalition for Marriage and Family A & C 14,055
The J. Avery Rush III Advise and Consult Fund 30,000
The Jay O'Brien Family Advise and Consult Fund 46,000
The John and Jo Mozola Advise and Consult Fund 96,986
The Joyce and William H. Attebury Advise and Consult Fund 3,500
The Jule and Helen Minium Fund 12,009
The Katherine and Clay Stribling Donor Advised Fund 11,083
The LeRayne and B.A. Donelson Advise and Consult Fund 4,500
The Louise Bowers Slentz Foundation, Inc. Advise and Consult 87,500
The Malouf and Iris Abraham Advise and Consult Fund 42,471
The Michael and Cindy Terk Charitable Fund 10,000
The Richard McDonald Leadership Institute Fund 16,000
The S. L. and Mildred Garrison Charitable Fund 87,500
The Sprouse Shrader Smith PC Advise and Consult Fund 28,000
The West Family Fund 65,500
The Wiegand Family Fund 500
  $ 1,206,369


2015 Community Designated Fund Distributions
Booker, Texas Community Designated Fund $ 30,000
Canadian Area Legacy Advise and Consult Fund 296
Childress, Texas Community Designated Fund 248,230
Claude, Texas Area Community Designated Fund 5,500
Future of Nazareth Fund 250
MemHall County EMS, Texas Community Designated Fund 114,000
Panhandle, Texas Community Designated Fund 25,000
Stinnett, Texas Community Designated Fund 1,104
Stratford Area Fdn, Inc, Stratford, TX Comm. Designated Fund 12,068
Sunray 20th Century Study Club Community Designated Fund 25,159
Sunray ISD Bobcat Scholarship Community Designated Fund 6,414
Sunray Lions Club Community Designated Fund 8,718
The Canyon Community Fund 2,500
The Clarendon Community Fund 36,713
The Future of Silverton Fund 1,000
Tulia, Texas Community Designated Fund 12,000
Wellington Community Fund 6,984
  $ 535,937


2015 Donor Designated Fund Distributions
Abraham End. Fund for First Presbyterian Church, Canadian $ 2,241.8
Amarillo Area Community Scholarship Fund 84,626
Amarillo Community Endowed Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences 39,600
Betty Bivins Childers Endowment Fund Amarillo Museum of Art 36,218
Carenet Pregnancy Center Scholarship Memory of Jackie Hall 1,000
Citadelle Art Foundation Endowment Fund 115,824
Don Harrington Discovery Center Endowment Fund 128,579
Edward Abraham Memorial Home Endowment Fund 13,093
Family Support Services Endowment Fund 33,098
Golden Spread Council/Boy Scouts of America Endowment Fund 455,660
Guyon Saunders Resource Center Endowment Fund 67,304
Harrington Foundation Award and Scholarship Fund for TTUHSC 4,000
Harrington Foundation Endowment for Amarillo Museum of Art 6,837
Harrington Foundation Exhibit Fund Amarillo Museum of Art 7,684
James & Livonia DonCollingsworth Co. Public Library 41,956
James & Livonia Doneghy Fund Collingsworth Co. Hospital Dist 41,153
Joe Pryor Fund for Public Radio 65,762
Lamar Lively Advise and Consult Fund 1,000
Malouf and Iris Abraham Anniversary Fund 2,965
Malouf and Iris Abraham End. Fund Canadian Community Center 2,242
Mary Frances Weir Lectureship in Cancer Treatment Endowment 6,000
Perryton Activity Center Endowment Fund 21,062
Quail Cemetery Association Endowment Fund 859
Ranger Academic Enrichment Foundation, Inc. Fund 8,750
Texas Panhandle War Memorial Foundation, Inc. Endowment Fund 67,573
The Bob Ashworth Award for Outstanding Service 500
The Carson County Square House Museum Endowment Fund 10,652
The David D. and Nona S. Payne Foundation fbo PAWS Fund 61,608
The Feemster Family Fund 2,195
The Gene and Carol Hendrix Fund 17,669
The Gerald Holman Lectureship Fund 1,200
The Kathrine Wilson Endowment Fund 1,098
The Lee Bivins II Fund for National Public Radio 4,022
The Lovett Memorial Library Advise and Consult Fund 31,000
The Palo Duro State Park and Canoncita Ranch Endowment Fund 177,398
The Phelan Advise and Consult Fund 5,507
The Sybil Harrington High Plains Food Bank Endowment Fund 5,360
The Tom and Sylvia Boyer Endowment Fund 998
Top of TX, TX Fed Women's Club End Fund fbo Girlstown USA 2,278
Turn Center Endowment Fund 25,000
  $ 1,601,572


2015 Scholarship Fund Distributions
Alvin A. and Hattie Mae Bush Scholarship Fund   $ 9,000
Amarillo Handgunners Association Bill Goodson Scholarship 500
Aubra Nooncaster PHS Class of 1952 Endowment Scholarship Fnd 3,500
Benjamin Gimp Raffkind Memorial Scholarship Fund 2,000
Beral Hance Memorial Scholarship Fund 1,500
Billy R. and Shirley Fields Memorial Scholarship Fund 250
Blake Durham Scholarship Fund 1,000
Brandy Lee Leard Memorial Scholarship Fund 14,000
Carson County Doug Nix Memorial Scholarship Fund 1,500
Charles Sheldon Memorial Scholarship Fund 750
Cody Conaway Memorial Scholarship Fund 2,000
Dallam County 4-H Scholarship Fund 5,000
Dr. Burwell Southern Scholarship 1,000
Dr. Charles and Phyllis Seward Scholarship Assistance Fund 1,500
Edith Lois Wilson Memorial 4-H Scholarship Fund 1,000
Elesa Crump Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund 2,000
Firefighter Brian Hunton Memorial Scholarship Fund 500
Fred Woodward Endowed Scholarship Fund 1,000
Frederic Schmidt Memorial Scholarship Fund 1,800
Friends of Samnorwood School Scholarship Fund 1,700
Gary Biggers/Rehm Family Passion for Learning Scholarship 2,500
Gaylia Cochran Scholarship Fund 500
Grady and Andrine Smith Hazlewood Fund 56,500
Gruver Scholarship Fund 1,500
Harold & Mary Dalton Honor Scholarship Fund 400
Heather Nicole Moseley Memorial Scholarship Fund 250
Henry Hamilton Scholarship Fund 250
J. W. Gordon, Jr. and Betty C. Gordon Scholarship Fund 3,000
Jack and Marci McMicken Scholarship Fund 3,750
Jack B. Weinberger Memorial Scholarship Fund 500
Jake Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund for Learning Disabled 200
Janet Sue Scivally Memorial Scholarship Fund 1,000
Jerry M. Speed Memorial Scholarship Fund 1,000
John McGuire Memorial Scholarship Fund 5,625
John S. Stiff Governmental Services Scholarship Fund 250
Karen Poole Endowed Scholarship Fund 4,000
Katina E. Moyer Memorial Scholarship Fund 350
Lee and Dortha Keys Endowed Scholarship Fund 5,300
Lloyd Looper Endowed Scholarship Fund 500
Lloyd P. and Kathryn M. Hayes Scholarship Fund 4,500
Louise Bowers Slentz Foundation Endowed Scholarship 22,000
Love Your Neighbor Scholarship Fund 1,000
Malouf & Iris Abraham Scholarship Assistance Fund -Clarendon 3,000
Malouf & Iris Abraham Scholarship Assistance Fund/AC 1,500
Malouf & Iris Abraham Scholarship Assistance Fund-Frank Phil 1,000
Malouf & Iris Abraham Scholarship Assistance OPSU 500
Malouf & Iris Abraham Scholarship Assistance TTU/Ag 1,500
Malouf & Iris Abraham Scholarship Assistance TTU/HS 1,000
Malouf & Iris Abraham Scholarship Assistance WTAMU 2,500
Marsh Minority Scholarship 3,500
Miles Henderson "No Worries" College Scholarship Fund 169,193
Miles Henderson "No Worries" Summer Camp Scholarship Fund 39,834
Novotny/Osborne Scholarship Fund 12,500
Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District Scholarship 7,500
Panhandle Restaurant Association Scholarship Fund 2,000
Patricia J. Fairchild Memorial Scholarship Fund 500
Paulus Schroeter Scholarship Endowment 60,835
Robert A. "Bob" and Margaret W. Kesterson Mem. Scholarship 750
Rocket House Scholarship Fund 1,500
Ryan James Maxwell Memorial Scholarship Fund 1,000
Sammye Lee Seabourn Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund 500
Samuel Wallas Huggins/Helen Cowan Huggins Scholarship Fund 1,500
Senator Teel Bivins Scholarship Fund 2,500
Teresa Engler Raizen Scholarship Fund 5,250
The ACE Endowment Fund 841,909
The Caprock High School Industrial Arts Scholarship Fund 2,250
The Catherine White Memorial Scholarship Fund 18,750
The Clifton McNeely Endowment Scholarship Fund 1,000
The Guyon Saunders Scholarship Fund for Marsh ClearSight 500
The Jared Lee Wright Memorial Scholarship Fund 250
The June Darnell Memorial Scholarship Fund 750
The L. Ray Vahue Scholarship Fund 500
The Madge Page Scholarship Fund 1,000
The Margaret Arthur Memorial Scholarship Fund 2,500
The Marjorie Urban Memorial Scholarship 4,000
The Max and Dorothy Baggerly Scholarship Fund 12,500
The Nancy Gerald Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund 1,000
The Putt Powell Memorial Journalism Scholarship 500
The Reba Stroehle Scholarship Fund 5,000
The Wellington High School Class of 1930 Scholarship Fund 350
Wellington Ex-Students Association Scholarship Fund 867
XIT A&M Club John David Memorial Scholarship Fund 1,500
Zachary Weir Memorial Scholarship Fund 4,500
  $ 1,385,862