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The Amarillo Area Foundation has been improving quality of life for the residents of the 26 counties in the Texas Panhandle since its inception 60 years ago.  In feeding the hungry, healing the sick, educating young people, enriching cultural heritage, and advancing economic development, the Foundation is making a positive impact for our communities.

The mission of the Amarillo Area Foundation is two-fold: To give help to those in need and to help those who have a need to give. We are blessed to live in a region of wise and generous donors. They give of themselves, but more importantly, they expect stewardship of their gifts and measurable results for individuals and our communities. If we give wisely of our resources, multiple talents, and work with our neighbors, our gifts will build a future of opportunities and hope.

Donor Spotlight

Val and Pat White

Serving is a way of life for Val and Pat White. Texas Panhandle natives with a long history of serving the community, Val served just under 8 years on the Board of Directors at the Amarillo Area Foundation. As the sun set on a fund Val’s parents had set up years ago, she and Pat naturally looked for a way to continue their legacy of giving.

Rolling over the remaining monies in her parents’ fund, Val and her husband created the VP Fund, a donor advised endowment. The couple liked the idea of being able to recommend grants from their endowment for the rest of their lives. The most recent VP Fund grant was the funding for West Texas A&M’s newest complex for the Department of Agricultural Science, recommended by the late Dr. Dean Hawkins. Pat and Val both have Animal Science degrees from WTAMU and the project is a way to pay it forward to future students from all over the Texas Panhandle.

The new Agricultural Sciences Complex will provide more than 150,000 square feet of space to provide the best in educational opportunities for WTAMU students and the community. The facility will house classrooms, labs, and offices as well as a state-of-the-art meat lab, a multi-purpose arena with spectator seating for up to 500 people, and a pavilion for the showing, handling, and evaluation of animals.

While they’ll be tied up in the funding of the complex for a while, Val said the couple is eager for future projects to come. “We’re going to be wide open to ideas.”


  • Swalm Foundation, Val and Pat White

$200,000 AND ABOVE

  • CASA 69th Judicial District
  • Consolidated Nuclear Security, LLC
  • Mr. Chris Scharbauer

$100,000 AND ABOVE

  • First Baptist Church of Perryton
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bob Moore
  • Mr. and Mrs. Trent Sisemore

$50,000 and Above

  • Mr. Paul A. Clark
  • Mr. and Mrs. Scott Creech
  • David D. and Nona S. Payne
    Foundation, Inc.
  • Diabetes Foundation of
    the High Plains
  • Heal the City Free Clinic
  • Kelley Roofing
  • Mr. John Mozola
  • Pattern Panhandle Wind 2 LLC
  • Pattern Panhandle Wind LLC

$25,000 and Above

  • Blake Durham Scholarship Fund
  • Bob and Sally Jones Charitable
  • Bradley Family Charitable Trust
  • Bruckner Family Foundation
  • Caviness Beef Packers
  • Dale and Joan Coleman
    Charitable Trust
  • Mr. and Mrs. Erich Drochner
  • Ms. Melissa Limmer-Riola
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sam Lovelady
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jay O’Brien
  • Pantera Energy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stuart West

$15,000 and Above

  • Mrs. Mary Kay Dammier
  • John & Mary O’Brien Foundation for
    Academic Excellence
  • Mr. Mike Koehler
  • Pathways Ranger Academic
    Enrichment Foundation
  • Reed Family Foundation
  • St. Mary’s Catholic Cathedral
  • Ms. Allene Stovall
  • Texas Dodge
  • Ms. Melinda White
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wiegand

$10,000 and Above

  • Amarillo Area Tennis Association
  • Amarillo National Bank
  • Mr. W. P. (Paul) Buckthal
  • Carol K Engler Foundation
  • Farm Supply & Service / Splash ‘n Dash
  • Larry Richardson Farms
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leard
  • Moore County FCS Scholarship
  • Ms. Cornelia Ritchie
  • Stratford ISD Education Foundation
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lane Thompson
  • Tri-State Ford/Amarillo Hyundai

$5,000 and Above

  • All Star Dodge
  • Amarillo Kiwanis Foundation
  • Atmos Energy Corporation
  • Bedrock Caliche / Sunrise Farms
  • Cactus Feeders
  • Chartwell’s Food Service
  • Mr. and Mrs. Butch Collard
  • Double S Auctions
  • Faith City Mission
  • Mr. Rodney Farber
  • Fidelity Charitable
  • First United Bank
  • FirstBank Southwest
  • FirstCapital Bank of Texas
  • Future Of Nazareth Foundation
  • Dr. and Mrs. Charles Hendrick
  • High Plains Christian Ministries
  • Mr. Joshua Hinkle
  • Mr. Drayton McLane Jr.
  • Spandet Dairy, Inc.
  • St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church
  • Textron Matching Gift Program
  • United Supermarkets
  • Mr. and Mrs. Barry Willis