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Amarillo Area Foundation, Inc.

Assets20232022 (restated)
Unrestricted cash and cash equivalents $5,057,931$6,278,707
Restricted cash and cash equivalents $219,325$254,268
Investments, at fair value $274,559,551 $248,809,298
Trades in process $59,451$9,401,095
       Grants receivable $18,500$44,500
       Accrued interest receivable $152,240$4,577
       Other receivables $115,090$109,577
Notes receivable$3,438,081$3,471,522
Gift shop inventories$25,556$25,440
Property and equipment, net$17,254,190$12,622,340
Property and equipment held for sale$2,752
 TOTAL ASSETS   $309,048,870$289,400,654



Liabilities and Net Assets
Liabilities20232022 (restated)
Accounts payable and other liabilities$1,258,025$1,623,511
Grants and services payable $72,020$685,801
Deferred revenue $2,320$2,300
Paycheck protection program loan$119,023
Funds held for agencies$13,717,763$12,760,233
 TOTAL LIABILITIES $15,169,151$15,071,845
Net Assets20232022 (restated)
Without donor restrictions
      Board restricted:
            Invested in property and equipment$8,429,779$8,543,682
With donor restrictions:
Perpetual in nature $5,000,000 $5,000,000
Purpose restrictions $299,325$254,268
      Total Net assets $293,879,719$274,328,809
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS  $309,048,870$289,400,654