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The Foundation offers a variety of scholarships for different colleges/universities and fields of study. Eligibility for scholarships is based on the student’s county of residence, planned college or university, and/or anticipated field of study.


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Jessica Flaming

A graduate of Perryton High School has exhibited success through her good character and leadership ability. These qualities have earned her both the Ranger Academic Enrichment and Max and Dorothy Baggerly Scholarship. At just two years old she started taking gymnastics classes and decided she enjoyed it enough to do it competitively. For a decade, Jessica participated in gymnastics and went on to compete at a national level, proving she really was an incredible gymnast. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the gym she practiced at closed, and led to her pursuing other passions.

Jessica started raising livestock projects for FFA. With a natural love for animals, Jessica has nursed them to health and dedicated herself to keeping them well. Her hard work has also inspired her to mentor younger FFA members. Between FFA and graduating with Honors from her High School, Jessica also found time to teach gymnastics to small children and used those earnings to help pay for college. She attributes her perseverance in life to the loss of her father at an early age, which made it difficult for her mother to support a family alone. Although difficult, she has been determined to keep going and follow her dreams. Jessica will attend Tarleton University as an undergraduate, then transfer to Texas Tech for their Pharmacy program. Her long-term goal is to pursue a career in Animal Pharmaceuticals right here in the Texas Panhandle

Sieyara Emile

Sieyara Emile described her high school experience as “life-changing,” and considering her resume of extracurriculars, it is easy to understand why she’d describe it this way. While attending Tascosa High School she was involved in Key Club, Spanish Club, HOSA, and the National Honor Society to name a few. While juggling these she was also able to obtain her license as a Certified Medical Assistant through AISD’s career academy, AmTech. Perhaps her endurance was built through her participation in both Varsity Basketball and Track because she did not fall short of excellence in her studies. Her efforts have awarded her the Janet Sue Scivally Memorial Scholarship which specifically awards students that are academically driven, and motivated to succeed.

Outside of school she is active in her church’s youth group and enjoys being with her family. Her passion to work in the medical field evolved through her remembrance of what her mother experienced while being treated for cancer. Sieyara says that the doctors’ commitment to helping her mother has inspired her desire to do the same. She is currently enrolled at the University of North Texas and anticipates graduating with a Pre-Medical Degree. Upon graduation, she would like to study at New York Grossman School of Medicine and earn her MD as either a Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist.

Owen Britten

A recipient of both the Louise Bower Slentz and Bill and Shirley Fields Memorial Scholarships, represents his community well. He is a fifth-generation Britten in Carson County where his family has raised beef cattle for over one hundred years. Since he was a young boy, he’s developed his skills on the farm and lent his knowledge and expertise to FFA where he served as Secretary for four years.

With a diagnosis of Dyslexia at a young age, Owen knew that he would have to work hard to excel in all his ambitions. In his path to becoming a graduate of Groom High School, Owen simultaneously studied at a school in Oklahoma and is now certified in Beef Palpation, Beef Pregnancy, and Bovine Artificial Insemination. What is most impressive about his story is that his obligation to his family’s ranch did not create adversity but rather, motivated him to excel in academics as well. Owen participated in the National Honors Society, Student Council, and assisted his school track team in making it to regionals, all while maintaining a class rank of #1 in his senior class. He serves his church by helping with their youth program and a monthly breakfast which helps feed those in need. These are just some of the things that make Owen Britten stand out but above all, indicate how successful his college career will be. In ten years, he plans to use his Agri-Business Degree from WTAMU to become a Cattle Broker in the Texas High Plains and continue his family’s legacy.

Isaiah Flores

It isn’t often that students in the Texas Panhandle shy away from attending prominent Texas schools such as A&M, Texas Tech, or UT Austin. Isaiah Flores made it his mission to go against this cultural norm and is starting his college career at Harvard University. He remembers taking a personality test in one of his classes and his results uniquely described him as a “Futurist.” It was no surprise to Isaiah as he recalls all his life having the ability to escape reality and live in his ambitions.

Isaiah graduated from Caprock High School as number 6 out of 464, with a 4.0 GPA. He is receiving the L.E. Moyer Scholarship and will use it along with other awards to earn a degree in either Environmental Policy or Law. His own trauma has put him on the path to advocate for the rights of people who look, think, and see the world as he does. Isaiah hopes that in ten years, he will be able to look back on his life and find contentment in his efforts.

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